Yamalube - land Oil Advantage


Built for performance

Yamalube® is committed to racing, sponsoring MotoGP, the World Superbike Championship, World Supersport and the FIM Motocross World Championship. With countless racing victories, Yamaha vehicles have, time and again, proven their class-leading performance and reliability.

Yamaha vehicles are built to the most exacting standards, for the best results on the track, on the road and off-road. Wanting the best for our products, Yamaha’s engineers found that conventional engine oils couldn’t provide the performance and protection to meet their high standards.

The Yamalube® oil series was developed to be the perfect oil for each vehicle in the Yamaha range. Yamalube® engine oils are made from a combination of base oils, additives and solvents, chosen and mixed to work perfectly for your vehicle.


The Yamalube® advantage

Because Yamalube® has been designed by Yamaha’s engineers to work with Yamaha engines it offers a number of benefits over regular, off-the-shelf oils.


Designed for exceptional engines

Yamalube® is designed to work under the most extreme conditions – like in the new 200 PS, 1,679cc V4 engine in the next-generation VMAX. Selected products in the Yamalube® range are designed for oil-immersed (‘wet’) clutches and are compatible with catalytic converters.



Faster gear changes, longer life

Yamalube® oils’ high film-strength protects your engine and gearbox enabling faster gear changes and ensuring a longer life for your engine.


Anti-corrosion and anti-foam

Anti-corrosion and anti-foam features ensure maximum protection of the engine’s internal components at high-rpm speeds.


High Temperatures

As engines get hotter, oil temperature can exceed 160°C, putting every part under heavy strain.


Meets JASO MA standards (selected products)

Oils that are JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organisation) MA certified resist clutch slippage, do not leave ashy deposits, and meet anti-corrosion and wear standards.



The blend of oils and additives in Yamalube® oil minimise frictional loss for high performance, while protecting against ring wear and piston scuffing.



Yamalube® oil forms a seal between the piston rings and cylinder wall, preventing pressure leakage from the combustion chamber and keeping the compression ratio stable, for a more efficient engine.


Stress dispersion

Impurities like dirt and abrasive powder can build up inside engines and affect performance. Yamalube® oil disperses them in the form of small particles to keep the oil flowing smoothly.