workshop-area_technician-001 “I think the thing that struck me most was how much emphasis the YTA puts on how we deal face-to-face with the customers. Even though it isn’t a major part of the role of a technician we are trained how to communicate with our customers clearly and effectively so they can understand what has been done to their bike.”



workshop-area_technician-002"They taught me that every customer who has a good experience tells a couple of his friends; every customer who has a bad experience tells almost anyone who can listen! That is why I know it is so important that every single customer leaves our dealership having had a good experience. Nothing else will do.”



workshop-area_technician-003"Every two years there is an international ‘Grand Prix’ for Yamaha technicians. The best three from all European countries travel to Japan and compete against fellow techs from across the world. Written exams, practical engineering tests, even role-playing customer service procedures. I represented the UK and even though I didn’t win I was able to represent my dealership and my country, coming away with a great sense of pride as well as having learned quite a bit from my fellow technicians. I taught them a few things too”.

workshop-area_technician-004“I have worked for several franchises before I came to Yamaha. It astonished me how much more detailed and exhaustive the training is here. It’s hard work, but at the end you feel better equipped to cope with the everyday challenges in the workshop.”




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