When bringing in your Yamaha for a service or a repair, you need:
• Meticulous maintenance on the Yamaha product.
• Quick, accurate diagnosis which leads to lower labour cost per repair.
• Fair and equitable treatment regarding warranty.
• Polite friendliness from all the staff they interact with.

Technicians will learn who you are, that each customer is different and how they can recognize this:
• Identifying your customer’s expectations.
• Doing the job right the first time.
• The importance of good internal communication, coordination and teamwork in the dealership.
• Listening to the customer and answering the question they are asking, not giving the answer that you want.

Much of the Technical Academy training can be done remotely via 21st century training technology: e-learning and web-based resources.

But there are times when there is no substitute for hands-on familiarisation. This is never more important than with the launch of a new Yamaha product, when information about any advances and changes must be known to the service teams before the bike reaches the customer. Senior trainers receive from Yamaha a complete package of classroom practical and theoretical materials – a full factory-organised training developed in close cooperation with Yamaha engineers - to be used in each country.

It is equally vital that knowledge on any issues with new models is disseminated speedily through the network, building up the body of knowledge and also avoiding the necessity for the same lessons to be relearned across the world. The Yamaha Technical Academy is a key part of this process. You can own the latest Yamaha product confident that your dealer and the technicians that form such a vital part of the team are fully informed and able to support you and your Yamaha effectively.

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