“Welcome to the Yamaha Technical Academy (YTA)

Our academy was created for the benefit of you, the Yamaha customer. Before that, each country across the world ran its own technical training program.

We realised that if we took the best practices from each country, we could put together a system. This way we can guarantee that the standard of after sales service you receive will be equally high, wherever you are.

From here, please visit the Library where you can learn more about the history of the YTA and how it operates solely to benefit our customers.

On the walls are the YTA certificates that our technicians value so highly. Click on Certification to see the standards the technicians have to reach to obtain the coveted bronze, silver and gold awards. Next time you see the YTA certificates on the wall at a Yamaha dealership you will know that these have been worked hard for and are not awarded lightly. You can see some examples of the training and techniques in the Training Area.

Finally, if you visit the Workshop Area, you will be able to see some of the technicians themselves telling you what the YTA has done for them – and therefore for you too.”

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