When the global service policy was launched in 2000 it had a mission statement.

The objective was “To achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction by providing outstanding service and easy to understand explanations”

And this was never an inward-looking goal. Whilst we believe our products to be superior, we never forget that the customer has a choice. If we can demonstrate to you that there is a genuine advantage of our after sales support versus any alternative, we know you will choose to return again and again to our Yamaha products.

As the technology expands on our products year after year, so do our customers’ expectations of the service they receive. To match those expectations we aim for a true One to One service, delivering, both with the product and with the support, what we call “Kando” *

Today, in Europe, no fewer than twenty-one countries have introduced the YTA programme. Every two years, top achieving technicians compete in a hard-fought competition, the World Technician Grand Prix to prove “who is the best”. We are very proud that the awards show no particular country or area to be consistently better than the others; proof that our aim of raising the service worldwide to the level of the best has been a success.

Although we call our Academy ‘Technical’, the syllabus also ensures technicians have the necessary skills to listen carefully to all our customers and then explain the actions and progress on their Yamaha. This clear communication both reassures and informs the customer, building their confidence in the service they receive.

library-image-001* Kando – When a customer encounters a product or service that is exceptional value, he or she experiences feelings of profound satisfaction and intense excitement.





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