No other type of chain is called upon to operate in such a harsh environment, as a motorcycle chain. The difference between a good and bad chain, can be seen most clearly in the degree of stretching caused by wear and the resistance to fatigue. Superior chains are characterized by the following features:

  • Good resistance to wear
  • Good resistance to fatigue
  • Ability to withstand shock and tensile force
  • Joints/Links which remain flexible

Overall, a drive chain must have the strength and durability to match the engine’s power and the hardness of the sprocket material. The side plates, which may be considered as the ‘frame’ of the drive chain, must also have the necessary strength to withstand the tensile load put upon it.

The teeth of the sprocket and any other parts subject to large forces are made as hard as possible, through a heat treatment method called Carburized quenching, after which the sprockets are tempered to gradually decrease the hardness towards the inner part, to produce a tough sprocket of ideal strength.


Using Genuine Chain & Sprocket Kits is the only real way to assure a perfect match between sprockets and chain, thus achieving the maximum lifetime, for both sprockets and chain!


1. Pin
Special alloy steel and advanced heat treatment technology minimizes surface wear and assures immunity to extreme impact load.

2. Bushing
Extended solid bushing with extremely smooth and hardened surface resists wear-elongation.

3. Grease
Specially formulated grease in the pin/bushing clearance for longer chain life.

4. Plate
Heavy-duty, but ultra-light link plate is heat-treated and shot penned for tremendous fatigue strength and to prevent heat-track.

5. Roller
Reinforced roller is made of specially selected alloy steel only and can stand repeated heavy impact load.

6. O-Ring
A specially designed O-ring makes friction loss small.

To help ensure a long lifetime of both chain and sprockets, the regular use of a dedicated chain-spray, such as Yamalube Chain Spray (YMD-65049-A0-10), is essential!