Genuine Yamaha brake pads have been developed specifically for each Yamaha model in order to achieve the best braking performance and balance with the chassis. Genuine Yamaha brake pads are specially developed according the characteristics of each Yamaha model, unlike the majority of Aftermarket brake pads that are designed to fit many different models, which has a large impact on the brake performance of the brake pad!

For example - the WR250R and WR250X:
The WR250R is a dual-purpose model that can be ridden off-road, where control and brake feel are very important. This model uses a front brake disc with an outer diameter of 250mm, a two-piston caliper and brake pads that are designed to match the brake disc in order to achieve precise braking control.
The WR250X, however is a supermotard model that needs braking performance at higher speeds, uses a front brake disc with an outer diameter of 298mm, a two-piston caliper and brake pads that are designed to match the larger brake disc in order to achieve greater stopping power.

genuine-parts-brake-pads-wr250rWR250R: Two pistons (different diameter)
genuine-parts-brake-pads-wr250xWR250X: Two pistons (same diameter)

Compared to many Aftermarket brake pads, Genuine Yamaha brake pads are designed to meet many different objectives, such as:

  • Good breaking performance
  • Fade resistance (a decrease in braking efficiency after temperature rise)
  • Stability of Braking Efficiency over large heat range
  • Long lifetime

Genuine Yamaha Parts - No compromise on safety!
All parts must pass very stringent performance and durability tests before they qualify as genuine Yamaha parts. For brake system components, these tests are very severe, as safety is concerned. The tests include adhesion between the pressure plate and the friction material, tests for wear, vibration, resistance to cold temperature and spray tests. Yamaha spares no effort to optimize either the combination of brake pads, calipers and discs or that of brake shoes and drums.


1. Anti-corrosion treatment

2. Non-asbestos type friction material - a response to modern day needs
YAMAHA friction materials consist of metal fibre base materials and heat resistant fibres. They provide superior stability, heat resistance and friction tolerance characteristics.

3. Bonded surface
The unique bonding method developed by YAMAHA assures the friction material stays securely attached to the pressure plate.

4. Pressure plate
Metal plates are constructed with an anti-corrosion treatment.