Genuine Belts and V-Belts with Superior Strength and Durability



Yamaha Genuine V-belts are designed for maximum strength and durability, to meet the specific requirements of the vehicle they are to be used on. The rubber from which any V-Belt is made are very sensitive to temperature and a difference of only a few degrees may require a belt specification to be substantially changed. Yamaha genuine V-belts use the best rubber materials available for improved temperature behavior and durability.
If the V-belt is of inferior quality, it may break when in use, with the possibility of loss of drive, or even a locked wheel, resulting in a potentially dangerous situation.

Design and materials for a long life
Yamaha Genuine V-belts have been subjected to extensive testing, as a result of which, the belt material, length, and width have been specifically designed, giving belts higher durability and longer life. The low edge belt in combination with a small pulley offers good flexibility and has superior temperature resistance.

The drive components, genuine drive belts and V-belts for all Yamaha models are designed and developed as a complete ‘drive system’ to provide durability, abrasion resistance and heat resistance suitable for the engine power.

Development on Model-to-Model Basis
High engine displacement motorcycles transmit heavier loads to the drive system and therefore, the required level of drive belt strength varies with the type of vehicle. Belt materials and sizes are selected on a model-to-model basis. One of Yamaha’s flagship model, the XV1900, is a large model so it has space to accommodate a drive system with a wide drive belt for increased strength, whereas that on the XVS1300, is reinforced with another material, since this model has space limitations on the width of the drive belt.

For scooters, precise matching of the V-belt with the roller weight and sheaves is important when specifying the V-belt in the drive system and therefore, a non-genuine V-belt may not allow the engine to perform to its maximum potential.