Modern motorcycles are very dependent upon their battery for a number of reasons, including the increased number of electrical components.

The battery appears to be a simple component, although one whose internal component parts have been continuously improved over the years. The battery contains alternately placed positive plates, separators and negative plates, all bathed in an electrolytic solution. The charging and discharging process is repeated by a chemical reaction between the positive and negative plates. When a motorcycle-battery is not regularly charged (e.g. during winter-time), this chemical reaction will become less-andless effective, which leads to poor battery-performance and ultimately, reduced lifetime of the battery. Keeping a battery charged, for example via a Yamaha YEC charger, helps ensure maximum performance over a long period of time!
The Yamaha YEC-40 charger (part number: YME-YEC40-EU-00) has a special charge / discharge function to keep the battery ‘alive’ and to some degree, even recover old batteries. There are also various accessories available, to make it even easier to use this charger, such as the ‘Comfort-indicator’ plug, that gives a clear indication of the status of the battery.