Yamaha Motor develops exclusively, for every model, the complete intake system, including the air filter, to provide optimal air flow to the engine. This allows Yamaha to achieve the optimum engine characteristics for each model. It is therefore important to use Genuine Yamaha air filters to help maintain optimum engine performance.

Dust captured in any air filter causes a gradual reduction in airflow over the working life of the part, resulting in a loss of engine performance and poor fuel consumption. Genuine Yamaha Air Filters are designed in such way, so as to filter the air in the most efficient way, whist maintaining their flow rate, when compared with many after-market air filters.

Genuine air filters: a ‘perfect match’ to the engine!
Air filters elements differ greatly in shape according to design power, displacement, valve system, carburetor / injection system and intake passage. Other important factors that determine the filtering and filter life-time are humidity, temperature, dust substance, air quality and the ridingenvironment and Yamaha collates usage data in a number of countries and areas. Yamaha also conducts strict tests on individual engines and Yamaha air filters are designed to best suit usage, in the respective environments. Based on these tests, for example’ machines intended for use in Greece – because of the dusty roads – and Switzerland – because of the mountainous terrain and higher altitude – may be equipped with different air filters. Only Yamaha, as the manufacturer, is placed to make a ‘perfect match’ of air filter and engine, taking all these different aspects into consideration.

Example of Intake Air System Developed Exclusively for the Vehicle
If we compare the YZF-R1 and FZ-1, which uses the same engine but have different design concept, we can see that the YZF-R1 supersport model is designed to provide sufficient air flow at high engine RPM, whilst the FZ-1 sport touring model has a lower power output and has been developed to operate more at the low- to medium-speed range. In the case of the former, the air filter case and air filter are large, whereas that on the latter is a completely different shape and smaller size.

genuine-parts-air-filters-yzf-r1-2004YZF-R1 (2004 model)
genuine-parts-air-filters-fz1-2006FZ-1 (2006 model)
genuine-parts-air-filters-compare-01Genuine Yamaha air filter
genuine-parts-air-filters-compare-02Non-genuine air filter
genuine-parts-air-filters-compare-03Non-genuine air filter

Genuine air filters: outstanding filtering performance!
If you compare the Filter cross-section of the 3 filters in the pictures, you can see the effective filtration area of the Genuine Yamaha air filter is approximately four times that of the non-genuine air filters.