2-stroke outboards have always been appreciated by commercial and leisure users, with their compact dimensions, simplicity and light weight. However recent changes to the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD), which included strict emission regulations for marine leisure use engines, effectively banned all but the most complex fuel-injected 2-strokes in the EU. However the RCD regulations do not apply to commercial craft and many operators are still choosing 2-stroke power especially for smaller, weight sensitive boats like rescue inflatables. Yamaha still produce a full line up of 2-stroke outboards for the global market and many are available to commercial operators in UK.


> Proven. reliable, simple 2-stroke > Powerful alternator
> Instant response and quick acceleration > Front mounted gear lever
> Compact and lightweight > Shallow water drive
> Tiller control and manual starting > Yamaha YDC-30 marine grade aluminium
> Oil injection > 5-stage outer coating
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