Yamaha supply customised surf rescue, flood rescue, marine security, patrol, flood emergency, rapid response and interception craft. All these tasks and more are performed by the Yamaha ProWC watercraft, which are also tow vehicles, and have even been modified to provide push-tug capabilities. Yamaha have been supplying such craft for professional and commercial use for more than twenty years, to customers that include harbour authorities, the MoD and various fire and rescue organisations. Yamaha is the industry leader for the supply of these craft for such uses.

Powerful 2 & 4 stroke outboards which are designed to thrive with commercial operators and flood rescue teams. Bespoke options manufactured and fitted in the UK provide a superior level of performance and practicality for first responders, heavy use commercial users and rescue teams. Tested with several boats in a range of different scenarios and environments Yamaha engines are rapidly becoming a commercial users standard in the UK thanks to their ease of use and superb reliability. Proven in the field the engines combine cutting edge technology with practical features designed to make the engine easier to use and more effective in rescue operations.