The Yamaha WaveRunner lineup for 2012 offers a range of new ways to hit the water. A host of technical and design improvements have been combined with one goal in mind: to maximise the fun, sociability and ease of every user’s riding experience.




Heading things up is the group-friendly new FX Cruiser. With comfortable, stylish individual seating for an unprecedented 3 riders, it’s the perfect way for families and friends to share the pure freedom of WaveRunner riding.

The 4-model FX Series spearheads the 2012 line-up, which will become available in dealerships later this year. These flagships of the WaveRunner series build further on our aim to deliver pure enjoyment - through precision design and technology. From the excitement of watersports riding to the escapism of long distance cruising and exploring, there’s a model for every kind of ride.

Every aspect of the FX Series provides luxury, comfort and convenience on the water. As well as allnew hull and deck designs on all models, the FX Series now offers easier re-boarding and improved towing ability. Larger easy-access storage keeps your essentials close at hand, while a dynamic new colour/graphics scheme makes the FX Series an eye-catching addition to any marina or beach.

And at the heart of every FX Series model, a 4-stroke, 1812cc engine with DOHC gives you performance, fuel efficiency and reliability. For even more thrilling performance, the FX Cruiser SHO and FX SHO incorporate a supercharger.

The new FX Series – created for the sheer joy of riding.
Models: FX Cruiser SHO • FX SHO • FX Cruiser HO • FX HO

Highlights of the 2012 WaveRunner FX Series

Total comfort

• New body and deck shape – equally suited to wave-riding and relaxed cruising
• Longer seats – FX Cruisers are full 3-seaters with better grip for 2nd and 3rd positions
• New hull design – matched to the larger body to combine stability with agile handling
• Narrower driving seat – better grip and more confident control for the driver in turns
• Extended steering adjustment – provides a relaxed driving position for cruising

Confident command and control

• Electronic throttle – without wire cable, for easy control and quick engine response
• Neutral position – fast-acting neutral holds the FX stationery at idle or when starting up
• New switch positions – QSTS, Start/Stop and Cruise controls nearer to driver’s hand
• Large mirrors – essential for good visibility on the water - especially when towing
• New dash layout – fully integrated and ergonomically designed dash and steering pad|
• Stylish instrumentation – analogue Speed/Tacho meter with information/warning lights

Convenience and versatility

• More storage – 125L of storage makes cruising more practical and enjoyable
• New stern storage – fast access from the water to ski handles, snorkels and sunscreen
• Glove box – with integrated dual bottle holder - very convenient when cruising
• Large swimming platform – makes it a pleasure to get in and out of the water
• Easier re-boarding 1 – the new re-boarding ladder is a wider and flatter design
• Easier re-boarding 2 – new hand grip under the seat – easily reached from the water
• Pull-up cleats (FX Cruiser models) – easily accessed for tying up or anchoring 



Models: FX Cruiser SHO • FX SHO • FX Cruiser HO • FX HO
Engine type: 4-stroke • 4-cylinder • 1812cc
Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.56m x 1.23m x 1.23m
Fuel capacity: 70L
Storage capacity: 125.5L 

New-look VX, FZ and Super Jet line-ups for 2012

Looking sharp on the water is all part of the WaveRunner experience. Now Yamaha announces new-look colour and graphic schemes for all its 2012 WaveRunner models, in addition to new seat designs for the VX Deluxe, VXS and FZR.

2012 VX Series

The 3-models in the VX Series offer an approachable way to discover the thrilling freedom of WaveRunner riding - a powerful, reliable 4-stroke engine, seating for up to three riders, and an easy-to-handle hull – at an attractive, attainable price.

The VX Sport is an ideal craft for riders of all skill levels, while the VX Deluxe features a sports seat, Reverse mode, re-boarding step, and Remote security with a low-RPM mode for added peace of mind. For longer rides, the VX Cruiser has all the benefits of the Deluxe model, plus a comfortable, textured cruiser seat.


• New metallic paint colours and dynamic graphics across the line-up
• New two-tone textured seat on the VX Deluxe
• Powerful 1052cc 4-stroke engine
• Best fuel economy of any personal watercraft in the industry
• #1 choice of rental operators – proven reliability and low maintenance

2012 FZ Series ~ Our flagship high performance models


The FZ Series offers experienced riders the full benefit of Yamaha’s racing heritage. One squeeze of the throttle is all it takes to discover a world of adrenaline-pumping excitement.

At the heart of the FZ Series features Yamaha’s 1812cc supercharged engine – the largest displacement in the industry – along with Yamaha’s own exclusive NanoXcel® hull and deck. With supreme edge-to-edge handling and predictability, these WaveRunners connect rider and craft in one thrilling, harmonious union.


New ‘carbon’ design accents on the deck of the FZR®
• New sport bolstered sports seat design on the FZR
• Dominated the Pro Stock class on the 2011 IJSBA national tour.

2012 SuperJet 


Created for the world’s leading pro racers, this is the legendary stand-up that has earned itself an indelible place in racing history.
Power comes from a high-performance, two-cylinder, 701cc Yamaha 2-stroke marine engine,connected to a 144mm Hyper-Flow jet pump propulsion system, while the design of the SuperJet’s stainless steel impeller has been developed with the help of direct feedback from racers.

The whole system has been engineered and refined, using fluid analysis technology, to deliver maximum acceleration and top speed.
The SuperJet is designed purely to race – and to win.

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