If you are already an RAC member

Now that you have RAC cover with Yamaha Assist you can choose to either cancel or continue your current membership.

Please choose one of the following options which best suits you:

  1. I am currently an RAC member and still need my RAC membership to cover myself in other vehicles or for other members of my family. Please continue my membership and apply a discount to my next renewal fee.
  2. I am currently an RAC member and I only need cover for my new Yamaha. Please cancel my current RAC membership and I understand that unless I am less than 14 days into my renewal I am not entitled to a refund of my membership.
Please phone 0870 165 0973 to advise us which option you would prefer.

In order to ensure that your call is handled efficiently please have the following information to hand:

Your current RAC membership number:
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Expiry date:

_ _ / _ _ / _ _

Your new Yamaha Assist number:
(Y801/Y125 followed by your vehicle registration number)
Y801/Y125 (delete as applicable)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _