Ultramatic Transmission
Yamaha Grizzlys could not be easier to ride as they feature a fully automatic CVT type drive (Constantly Variable Transmission) which uses a low maintenance belt to transfer the power from the engine to the gearbox. The rider simply selects forward or reverse (just like on an automatic car)and then uses the thumb throttle to control the speed. Once on the move the Ultramatic system does all the work providing the optimal power required without the need for changing gear. It even incorporates a clever device which automatically engages to provide reliable all-wheel downhill engine braking power.


Easy to reach – gear selection
All Grizzly models have a conveniently located hand gear change lever so the rider can select Forward, Neutral or Reverse gear before setting off. On the Grizzly 350 4WD, 450, 550 and 700 models there is also a choice of High or Low (Dual Range) forward gears to tackle the toughest terrain or for use when towing big loads. In addition the 450, 550 and 700 models feature a Park position on the gear selection gate, rather than a Parking Brake on the handlebar lever, as fitted to the smaller models with cable operated rear brakes.

On Command – 2WD/4WD
2WD is often adequate for general use, with power being fed to the two rear wheels. But when required, 4WD can be engaged by simply pushing the red button on the right handlebar on 4WD models. Power is then provided to all wheels with the front wheels employing a differential to allow the wheels to turn at different speeds whilst steering.

On Command – Diff Lock
Once in 4WD mode the safety guard on the button can be moved to reveal the Yellow Diff Lock button, which when pressed locks the front differential to connect both front wheels eliminating slip and providing even more traction and pulling power for really difficult conditions. An engine rev limiter automatically engages to ensure the rider has full control.

ATV- Features-Main-Switch-01
Main switch cluster
The comprehensive left hand switchgear controls not only the lighting but also starting functions with Engine Stop switch and Engine Start button, while the Choke is easily reached with the left thumb. On 4WD models there is also an OverRide button which, when pressed in conjunction with the Diff Lock, provides full power to the front wheels for even more grip.

Multi-function Digital Data Display
All Grizzly models have clear and easy to read instrument panels with the larger models utilising a comprehensive LCD display to give full information about speed and transmission mode, with trip and hour meter included to monitor your journey.

Front Suspension
Most Yamaha ATV’s have adjustable, long-travel front suspension. Double A-arms link the wheels to the chassis ensuring control of the steering wheels is optimised to provide the best handling and turning characteristics. Both wheels move independently to cope with even the toughest terrain.


IRS – Independent Rear Suspension
On smaller models the rear wheels share a common axle but for the 450, 550 and 700 models where they are likely to encounter more extreme terrain, the IRS rear suspension system allows each wheel to move independently. This means one wheel is not affected by the movement of the other and each wheel can track the surface soaking up holes or bumps for better traction and a much softer and more comfortable ride.

EPS – Electric Power Steering
Yamaha speed sensitive EPS system greatly reduces the physical effort of steering while also dampening any steering kickback from bumps and stones. The system is driven by a dedicated ECU, that measures steering input force versus tyre resistance and vehicle speed, which then provides appropriate power to the steering column through an electric motor. The process takes only milliseconds to calculate and engage, so the rider never even knows that the EPS is activated, except for the comfort in controlling the machine. It also greatly reduces the torque needed to steer the ATV when in 4-wheel full diff-lock. EPS is an option on models above 450cc. 

Front Brakes
All Yamaha ATVs from 350cc upwards employ double Hydraulic Front disc brakes. The front brakes provide a good percentage of the overall stopping performance required and double discs provide the greatest amount of power. The front brake is controlled by the right hand lever on the handlebar.- just like on a bicycle. 


Rear Brakes
You will find several different types of rear brakes on Yamaha ATV models. The larger 550 and 700 models employ double rear discs for the maximum possible stopping power as they are the largest machines with the greatest towing and carrying capacity.
The 450 Grizzly models utilise a single, sealed multi-disc rear brake (pictured) which works in the same way as a clutch with the friction plates running in an oil bath. The brake is incorporated into the rear gearbox, controlling both rear wheels via the drive shafts. Grizzly rear brakes all have dual controls with the rider being able to operate the rear brake with the left handlebar lever or via the footbrake pedal located in the right hand footwell. Additionally cable rear brakes are fitted with a Parking Brake lever on the handlebar.

Yamaha know that busy workers can often spend many hours in the saddle. That’s why the riding position is ergonomically designed to be as comfy as possible with the raised handlebars perfectly positioned whether you are sitting or standing. The seat is soft and sculptured to give maximum support, while the footwells are wide enough for even the biggest boots. 


At Yamaha we know that you are going to need a safe place to put your valuables – like keys or mobile phone. So you will find a variety of different storage solutions on each model including watertight lockers and underseat compartments. 


Carrying and Towing
Grizzly racks vary in size but the biggest racks can carry loads up to 85kg. Finished in a durable black coating the designs incorporate small vertical stops so that loads don’t slide around. All models above 350cc come with a mounting point where a tow ball can be fitted. Towing capacities vary by model up to 600kg.