AMW WaveRunner



UK based support team

You can expect the very best back up and expertise from Yamaha in the UK. We provide after sales and technical support to you through our highly respected network of authorised WaveRunner dealers throughout the UK, who have direct access to a global network of information covering every Yamaha model ever built.  Our dedicated team of marine specialists not only boasts many years of experience in the PW world, but has also worked extensively with the many professional marine organisations, including the RNLI, who choose Yamaha craft. Based in Sheerwater, Surrey, Yamaha Motor (UK) Limited is committed to ensuring that whatever back up you need is available.  Industry leading support for you and your WaveRunner.



Value that lasts

Because Yamaha are recognised as a world leader in motorcycles and marine engines everybody knows the quality of a product with the Yamaha name on it.  Yamaha’s enviable reputation and reliability will pay dividends when the time comes to trade up or sell your PW and this has a very positive effect on the residual value.  A pre-owned Personal Watercraft with a Yamaha badge will often be more attractive and should achieve a higher resale price, especially if your PW has high hour usage.  The difference between selling your PW or not might be the manufacturer name.  Make sure you achieve the best return on your investment when selling your pride and joy by choosing a Yamaha.  Buying Yamaha simply gives you a head start in the used market as everyone in the world knows the quality of a Yamaha.



Peace of mind - priceless

Choosing a new WaveRunner because of its agility, quality, style, performance, comfort or seaworthiness is totally understandable.  You probably don’t even consider the Warranty terms or procedures when you look at the latest models, because you know the enviable reputation Yamaha has for reliability.  But it is comforting to know that there is a full 24 months parts and labour warranty on all new WaveRunners and more importantly an industry leading team on stand-by to assist should the need arise.  And at Yamaha we don’t rest on our laurels - our engineers continue to rack up hours on test machines to evaluate every component’s durability in real world riding conditions.  And should they find any weakness our designers will develop solutions.  Warranty is all about our commitment to you.



Development is the key to success

Being a world leader requires a massive commitment to research, design and development.  In the marine world innovation must also be matched with practicality; a demanding environment means that any weakness in systems or technology will soon be exposed.  Yamaha have always strived to achieve the right blend of innovation and practicality and stringent testing ensures that all of Yamaha’s innovations are ready for the harsh marine environment.  Engineering innovation is at the heart of all Yamaha products and our research means that another bright idea is never far away.  Intelligent design improves the core product functions so that you get the most reliable, most practical technology which allows you to make the most of your time on the water.  Features are great but reliability is essential.



Quarter of a century of experience

Yamaha’s first PW – the MJ500T - was released to the world in 1986, and marked the start of over 25 years spent delivering the very best range of Personal Watercraft, that riders across the globe demanded. Our engineers share a passion with the many millions of Yamaha users worldwide, listening to what they have to say, and understanding how products are used in the real world. Look at the history of the PW and you will find Yamaha has changed the face of PW design forever with milestone models like the FX140 - the worlds first production 4-stroke PW - and the radical SUV - the worlds first four seater PW. Purpose made PW engines, including the latest 1812cc engine - the worlds largest capacity PW engine - along with new materials like NanoXcel are the results of this heritage.



Quality – the best components

Yamaha have always strived to ensure the best quality components and raw materials are used in their Personal Watercraft.  The unique SMC process of hull manufacture is a perfect example of how Yamaha has invested in complex production machinery to produce the optimum final product rather than compromise by adapting existing boat manufacturing techniques to produce a PW - because a PW hull behaves very differently to a normal boat.  Advanced manufacturing techniques and precision engineering can be found in every detail of every WaveRunner.  Whether you are out at sea or on your favourite lake,  having a quality PW will mean that you spend more time doing what you want to do and less time repairing and maintaining your PW.  Yamaha delivers the quality that you can rely on.



Fast, efficient parts service

Yamaha is a global brand, so that means global back-up which is great, but what you also need is efficient local support and that is what Yamaha are so good at - using global resource for practical local advantage.  WaveRunner parts are centrally stocked in a giant European warehouse and can be delivered to the UK the next day assuming the order is placed in time.  In the harsh marine environment service and maintenance is critical so having an efficient and effective parts back-up means that any time off the water from servicing and maintenance is kept to a minimum.   Important for leisure riders and absolutely essential for rescue and professional applications; Yamaha’s first class back-up is something which is ready and waiting.



Expert Dealer network

Your local authorised WaveRunner dealer is not simply a place to buy a new PW or a Genuine Yamaha part or accessory.  Yamaha dealers are experts in servicing and maintenance. Dealer engineers attend tailor made Service Courses run by factory trained Yamaha technicians and are equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure your WaveRunner leaves their dealership in perfect running order.  Yamaha technical bulletins update dealerships on the latest information and training is designed to ensure your requirements are met in the most efficient way.  Our extensive, purpose made range of Yamalube oils and lubricants has been developed to meet the exact requirements of your WaveRunner engine and your dealer can supply and recommend the Yamalube products you need.



Racing success is born from design

Not surprisingly the US is the largest market in the world for PW and also boasts the biggest PW racing scene - just surf the internet to see the action from the other side of the pond.  So when Yamaha rider Chris MacClugage cleaned up in all the major US races in 2011 it was something to be very proud of.  And that’s because we didn’t set out to design our WaveRunners for racing - we simply built them to be the best.  Our designers focus on how riders around the world will use their PW in every type of water condition.  So when we win races we know our hull and engine designers got it right, because even though they  didn’t set out to build a race PW the finished results were so good that race wins just kept on coming.