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Why Yamaha?
Yamaha’s presence in the UK has resulted in establishing a very successful and renowned motorcycle brand. Over the years, we have provided many customers with products for commuting, leisure or both, which have given enjoyment and fulfilment during their ownership experience. But with such a diverse selection of brands and products now available in the market place, it can be daunting task to make sure that you make the right choice when buying your new motorcycle or scooter. That’s why Yamaha makes it easier for you to make an informed decision and then get the most enjoyment from your purchase, by arming you with all the reasons why Yamaha is different from its competitors and why you need to choose a Yamaha.

AMW-MC-QualityQuality - Only the best technology and components
Yamaha have always strived to ensure that only the best quality components and materials go into their motorcycles, alongside strict quality control methods. Ever since Yamaha’s first production motorcycle, the 250cc, 2-stroke YA-1 or ‘Red Dragonfly’, first rolled off the production line in 1955, Yamaha has differentiated itself from the competition by producing a premium product combined with performance and reliability. Ever since those early days, Yamaha has relentlessly pursued those values with engineers testing products to destruction, identifying weaknesses and improving them before testing it again. This determined attitude to product development has led to Yamaha developing the highest quality components possible.
Developing unique manufacturing methods like Yamaha’s ‘Controlled-filling’ die-casting technique, which produces components of superior quality, which are both stronger and lighter than components made using conventional methods. Quality also extends to consumable components like air filters and brake pads, where every possible combination and variation is tested to make sure that the optimum balance between performance and longevity is achieved.
So, whether you are on your daily commute or lapping your favourite circuit, a quality motorcycle or scooter means that you spend more time doing what you want to do and less time on repairs and maintenance. Buy quality, buy Yamaha.

AMW-MC-RangeChoice – For every type of rider
Yamaha has one of the most comprehensive model line-ups available in the industry. That means that whatever your riding requirements, Yamaha will have a model to meet your criteria. From those wanting to take their first steps on to two-wheels, to seasoned motorcyclists wanting to explore the world, every rider’s requirements are different. By offering such a wide range of models, Yamaha can ensure that you can choose a model that’s right for you, leaving you to concentrate on enjoying your ride.




AMW-MC-PartsBack-up - From Land’s End to John O'Groats
Whether it’s a service item like an oil filter or an urgent spare, the Yamaha parts supply system is ready and waiting to support you. From time to time replacement parts might be necessary for your motorcycle, and wear and tear aside, the UK’s winter months provide a challenging environment which can result in maintenance and repair work being required. The longer it takes for replacement parts to be shipped, the longer your motorcycle is out of the action. With its state-of-the-art parts distribution facility in the Netherlands, your local dealer can obtain replacement parts fast, making sure you stay on the road. This level of service is critical for professional organisations like the Police and RAC. These organisations choose Yamaha motorcycles and scooters to reach people in need quickly and reliably and they cannot afford to have motorcycles off the road.


AMW-MC-SupportSupport – There when you need it most
As you would expect from a global brand, Yamaha offers its customers comprehensive support for its products. You’ll get total peace-of-mind knowing that your motorcycle or scooter is covered by a 2 year warranty (applies to models 125cc and over - 1 year warranty on 50cc models) – not that you’ll need it, as Yamaha is a name synonymous with quality and reliability. What’s more, your new Yamaha is also supplied with 12 months Yamaha Assist cover (provided by RAC), which means should you experience a problem like a puncture, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that it won’t be long before you’re on the move again.
Yamaha also knows that sometimes you just need to speak to someone about your Yamaha, which is why Yamaha Motor has a UK based customer service team, ready to take your call.



AMW-MC-TrustedTrusted - When someone depends on you
Trust is an essential component of any emergency service. It’s vital that when called upon, the emergency services can respond quickly and reliably, as every minute can be critical. The Police and RAC put their trust in Yamaha motorcycles and scooters to provide the reliability and quality that is essential to them delivering their services without issue. And Yamaha supply the very same service to you. Buying Yamaha is buying professional service and backup whether you’re an organisation or an individual.




AMW-MC-InnovationInnovation - Development is key
Yamaha has a long history of innovation, having introduced a number of technological advances which are now commonplace on many motorcycles and scooters. Such innovation has moved motorcycle technology forward and through our theme of ‘Art of Engineering’, Yamaha seeks to elevate its design philosophy to the level of art - the unique Yamaha qualities in all aspects of its products - from the quality of their ride to the beauty of their design.




Yamaha applies two engineering ideas that support all these efforts and their names are ‘GENESIS’ and ‘G.E.N.I.C.H.’* (pronounced ‘JENIK’). The history of Yamaha motorcycle development that began with the YA-1 in 1955 has always been a challenge to create innovative new technologies. And it has been a continuing line of epoch-making innovations like the YPVS, Monocross suspension and the Deltabox Frame born and developed on the GP race track, as well as revolutionary models such as the RD250, the VMAX and the YZF-R1, that started new trends in bikes. Yamaha’s unchanging approach to motorcycle design has been to build machines that are fun to ride.
The engineering ideal, borne of Yamaha’s belief that the rider is the most important element in riding a motorcycle and that the development process should be aimed at building that kind of man-machine communication, is called the GENESIS concept. The GENESIS concept is to integrate the engine, frame and all the mechanisms right down to the individual parts, into an organic whole aimed at achieving a high level of ‘Man-Machine Communication’. The kind of emotional world of riding that Yamaha proposes led to the concept of Man-Machine Sensuality (Jinki-kanno) that became our engineer’s objective. As this GENESIS concept continued to evolve through our wide-ranging research and development efforts, a new field of electronic control technologies also began to develop.

These control technologies were first seen in places like the ABS system of the FJ1200ABS and the fuel injection system of the GTS1000, as well as the EXUP and TPS technologies. They all contained unique Yamaha programmes that developed the quality of the machine’s ride and always with human sensibilities as the guiding factor. In 2005, these technologies evolved in new ways once more, with the likes of YCC-T (electronic controlled throttle) and YCC-I (electronic controlled intake funnels) on YZF-R1 and YZF-R6 models, as well as the YCC-S system that eliminates the need for clutch operation in gear shifting on the FJR1300AS. The most recent of these developments to benefit riders, comes directly from Yamaha’s MotoGP racing. The development of the YZF-R1’s ‘crossplane’ crankshaft and 6-stage traction control system, takes the ‘GENESIS’ connection between rider and motorcycle to the next level. These advanced examples of Yamaha control technologies are representative of Yamaha’s next generation core ideal which is named G.E.N.I.C.H. The G.E.N.I.C.H. engineering concept is one that makes assertive use of state-of-the-art electronic control technologies in motorcycle development. It is not simply a translation of analogue functions into digital ones but programming with a unique essence that places top priority on human sensibilities and in combination with the GENESIS ideal, leads to a new world of Man-Machine Sensuality.

*G.E.N.I.C.H. is an abbreviation of the concept of ‘GENESIS of Electronic engineering for New, Innovative Control technology with Human orientation’. The GENESIS engineering ideal was first adopted by Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd in 1985 as a new-generation machine development concept. Its concept is to integrate the engine, frame and all the mechanisms right down to the individual parts into an organic whole aimed at achieving a high level of “Man-Machine Communication”.