A rich history of producing class leading ATVs

ATV technology has moved on rapidly since the first Yamaha ATV was introduced back in 1979 – in those days three wheeled ATV’s were the norm. Since then Yamaha has been at the forefront of ATV development with models like the Bruin and Kodiak that represent milestones in the development of the ATV into todays sophisticated, tough and user friendly vehicles.

Developing the engineering expertise to produce top quality ATVs takes a lot of time and effort with continuous research and development. However rigorous your testing is you can guarantee that an ATV rider somewhere in the world will be pushing the limits even further. That’s why Yamaha always listens to people who actually use their products. Over time, by speaking to the people who are using Yamaha ATV, a detailed knowledge and understanding of what riders want has been be developed.

Tailoring a product to the user’s requirements is one result of a long history of manufacture. The other key outcome is the improvement in quality and technology which can be developed over years of R&D. Whether you are working in the valleys of Wales or tending your flock in the Highlands of Scotland a break down can cost more than just money. Since 1979 Yamaha have been developing the technology and production processes which reduce the risk of component failure and improve the chances of getting you and your ATV home at the end of the day. Only through experience can you get the finest understanding of how different components work together under different conditions.

Whether your ATV is an essential tool or a recreational vehicle; paying for pedigree is well advised. Yamaha ATVs are thoroughbred over many years to ensure that you get the most for your money.


The best components

Using an ATV in a tough outdoor environment is demanding on the rider and the ATV. Off road driving demands top quality components, which is why Yamaha is focussed on making sure every part is manufactured to the highest possible standard.

Yamaha design quality into their components so that you can get the most out of the ATV. By increasing quality and making the very best ATV users can tackle more demanding tasks with confidence and get the most out of their time at work or play. With Yamaha you know that the strictest quality control ensures that every component of your ATV is designed and engineered for the toughest environments, however you might choose to use it. By adhering to the highest quality standards throughout the machine a Yamaha ATV is created which you can trust to help you get the job done.

From the transmission to the electronics, the suspension to the brakes, every part of a Yamaha ATV is intended to give the rider confidence and peace of mind derived from experiencing supreme quality and performance. That is the Kando spirit of Yamaha and that is the reward that you get for an investment in quality.


Essential for hard working ATV

When you are working outdoors durability is an essential requirement for your equipment. Break downs are not an option if you are on the side of a Welsh hill with sheep to herd. There is no chance for ‘down time’ when you have barrow fulls of muck to spread and light is fading. And you wouldn’t want something to break when you are miles from the nearest road.

Durability is something which you don’t notice immediately, but as the weeks and months roll on and the seasons come and go; it is durability which you will cherish most on your ATV. And Yamaha have earned their reputation for reliability in the toughest of environments.

The Ministry of Defence chose the Grizzly 450 to equip the British Army having tried alternatives in the past. And now the 450 powers troops in the front line in a number of different theatres and on the most demanding terrain on the planet. Our troops trust their lives to their Grizzly machines which is surely the ultimate accolade for their durability and strength.


Everything you want and more

Today’s Grizzly model are unique in the world of ATVs.  Their list of features and equipment is second to none and they are designed to be easy to ride and easy to live with.

Take for example Yamaha’s Ultramatic transmission; first introduced to Yamaha ATV in 1998, Ultramatic features a unique centrifugal clutch which keeps the belt under constant tension – a significant factor for durability. Yamaha also use a sprag clutch to further aid durability and enhance the feel and performance of engine braking. Ultramatic has been proven as the most durable CVT transmission available and you don’t have to take our word for it – just check the website for independent reports.

Look at the specifications of the 2012 models and you’ll find:

Electronic Power Steering - Yamaha were first to implement a power steering system so that you can work for longer and get more out of your day.

On-Command 2WD/4WD – Switchable two wheel drive or four wheel drive – you decide based on the terrain you’re on – available at the push of a button.

Differential Lock – Front diff. lock will get you where you need to be, so a fully lockable differential is available from 450cc upwards.

CVT Transmission – Trailer on the hitch, 45° incline, and rutted, muddy terrain – do you really want to be thinking about changing gear? Yamaha Ultramatic is fully automatic so you always get the gear you need.

Hi-Lo Ratio Gears – Selected models feature hi/lo ratio gear boxes so you can tow and climb with confidence.

Independent Rear Suspension – The only manufacturer to offer IRS on a 350cc machine, Yamaha provide you with comfort and function.

For full information on all of our features just check the relevant model page


Technology that helps you get things done

Yamaha have a long history of developing innovative technology across all of their products, and ATV is no exception. Yamaha also take pride in developing technology which is useful. All Yamaha improvements and innovations are designed to make your life easier and help you at work and in your leisure time.

Innovation started early for Yamaha ATV with shaft drive and electric start appearing first on the Yamaha YTM225DX in 1983. Many firsts were to follow such as the Pro-Hauler; the first ATV to feature a cargo bed and the infamous Banshee, the world’s first twin cylinder Sports ATV – still popular with racers to this day.

Whether it is power, practicality or performance; Yamaha innovations are always engineered to the highest standards. EPS - Electric Power Steering - is a great example; another world first which Yamaha introduced; it appeared first on the 700cc Grizzly in 2006 and now features on 550cc and 450cc machines. Controlled by a dedicated ECU the system measures the force of your steering input against tyre resistance and vehicle speed tailoring it’s assistance to the level you need. The ATV is more confortable to ride and the system is particularly useful when working with a fully loaded rack.

Innovating from 1983 to the present day, Yamaha will always bring you the most innovative technology to make riding an ATV better for hard working riders and long days in the saddle. Benefits that you will appreciate when you ride an ATV all day, every day rather than for a short test ride!


Know your ATV inside-out

Getting the most out of your ATV requires an understanding about the vehicle and how it is operating. Yamaha help you get that understanding by providing clear LCD displays with all the information you need on all 450, 550 and 700 models.

Trip meters, hour meter, speedometer, odometer and clock all feature on Yamaha LCD displays with 4WD status and transmission position also available. Combination displays of LEDs with the liquid crystal panels mean that everything is communicated clearly to allow you to be in tune with your machine.

But the information goes deeper than what you see at first glance. All ATV with digital gauges contain additional diagnostic information which can be accessed through the LCD display. This means that service engineers can resolve a problem faster as they have accurate information from the ECU relating to any specific problems that there might be with your ATV.

Clear information on the surface and underneath it means you have everything required to keep your ATV running to its optimum level.


Sharing the burden and lightening your load

The list of things that you want to carry whilst using your ATV is often a long one, so storage and carrying capacity are always key concerns for utility users. By providing you with as much carrying capacity as possible, Yamaha make sure that you can load everything you need. With over 100kg of carrying capacity available on 350cc plus and class leading capacity on the Grizzly 450 Yamaha ATV have the strength required to work hard.

Yamaha racks are coated in a wrinkled paint which is heavy duty and scratch resistance so it can stand up to the biggest jobs and the trickiest loads. Strong and practical, the racks can carry a wide range of accessories as well as aftermarket equipment from suppliers like Logic. Seed broadcasters, on board sprayers, cargo boxes and many more useful tools can be attached to Yamaha racks.

As if that wasn’t enough you also have heavy duty tow mounts so you can add trailers and tow behind tools as well as on board storage for phones, keys and other valuables. Yamaha ATVs are ready and able to shoulder some of the burden and lighten your load so you can ride and work efficiently.


Genuine additions for practicality and comfort

To enhance the capabilities of your machine a wide range of Genuine Yamaha Accessories are available covering many different useful applications.  Practical aides and comfort features are all on offer so you can personalise your ATV to suit your riding and requirements.

All Genuine Yamaha Accessories are tailored to their specific application and the Yamaha quality is clear throughout the range. We don’t mind collaborating either so you will find Warn Winches and PIAA Lamps which are optimised for use with Yamaha ATV.

Everything you need to help you work faster and smarter can be found including immobilisers, skid plates, gun boots, rack extensions and many other practical additions. Plus you have fairings, battery chargers, ATV covers and other ancillary items which make owning a Yamaha ATV that little bit easier.

The full selection can be browsed through our online accessories catalogue, and you can make a wish list and find the part numbers that you need to place the order through your local dealer. So what are you waiting for? Personalise you ATV with Genuine Accessories and turn your practical acquaintance into your best working mate.


Europe's Number 1 Utility ATV

Utility users are very discerning customers, the agricultural industry is one of the oldest in the world, and that experience and wisdom is not lost on the modern farmer – someone to whom the balance sheet is just as important as the baler.

Across Europe the Yamaha Grizzly range is the Most Popular Utility ATV which means that more balers and more balance sheets are benefitting from working with a Grizzly.

Look no further than the rest of this page to understand why Yamaha are chosen by so many; only the best engineering will withstand the daily test of utility ATV work. But what does that mean for you?

 Well it means that there is a wider knowledge base across Europe with thousands of customers owning, servicing and using Yamaha utility ATVs. Popularity also means that more journalists are interested in reviewing products so you can always find objective opinion on whichever Yamaha model you want. Not to mention a healthy used market and widespread availability of parts.

Yamaha ATVs are popular for a reason, so why don’t you find out why and contact your local Yamaha dealer.


Get the right tool for the job

Different jobs require different tools which is why Yamaha provide a wide range of ATV so that you can find the right vehicle for your requirements. The factors that contribute to the selection of an ATV also vary, sometimes it is the engine size, the carrying capacity, the features which are available or even the colour. Whatever is behind your decisions you can be confident that Yamaha will have something in the range to suit.

Your local Yamaha dealer may also have demonstration vehicles available to help you with your choice so you can be confident your new Grizzly is right for you.

Farmers, groundskeepers, trail riders, stable hands, soldiers, lifeguards, policemen, corporate customers – everyone has a different use and a different requirement so have a look at Yamaha’s broad range and start thinking about which Grizzly is right for your job, whether you need 4WD or 2WD, big power for towing or low power for novice riders there is a model to suit.


Safety first

With every new Yamaha ATV you get free training with the European ATV Safety Institute (EASI). This training is designed to ensure that you have the necessary riding capabilities to handle your new machine.

Even those who have previous ATV experience can benefit from this practical training course and with a one day duration there is no excuse not to take the time to brush up your skills.

EASI training educates you in the safest and most efficient way to operate your machine. The riding techniques which you develop allow you to make the most of your investment and get the most out of your time on the ATV. Whether it is work or leisure the way you ride the ATV has a massive impact on the pleasure and work rate that you can achieve so make sure that you are equipped with the necessary knowledge to match the ability of your machine.

Any new Yamaha ATV includes EASI training for FREE so get on the course and make sure you don’t let bad habits or poor technique blight your ATV riding.


Value that lasts

ATVs usually have a hard life so finding a good used price for your ATV is not always easy. Maintaining your ATV well is essential if you want to get maximum used value, but don’t forget that buying Yamaha can help too.

Yamaha ATV are Europe’s favourite Utility ATV, people instantly recognise the quality of engineering behind the Yamaha brand. This helps when you come to sell your Grizzly and also unlocks a larger pool of potential customers, as you can sell to those who exclusively purchase Yamaha ATV. If you then add a full Yamaha service history and proper use of Yamalube lubricants and oils then your used ATV is as good as it gets.

When you upgrade your ATV a high residual value, either in the private market or as a part exchange, can be the difference between getting the new ATV you want or getting the ATV on a budget. More money for your used ATV means more deposit for your new ATV and you can think about those accessories or the power steering you have always wanted. Give yourself the best chance by buying Yamaha, servicing Yamaha and using Yamalube.

AMW-OB-Back Up

Fast, efficient service to keep your ATV running

Yamaha is a global brand, so that means global back-up which is great, but what you really need is efficient local services and that is what Yamaha are so good at it- using global resource for practical local advantage.

Any part stocked in Europe can be delivered next day assuming the order is placed in time. Behind this frontline service is an efficient delivery time of 3-5 working days for standard parts delivery.

In the gruelling all terrain environment servicing and maintenance is critical so having an efficient back-up means that time impact from servicing and maintenance is kept to a minimum. More importantly for those bumps and scrapes outside the service schedule you have a parts back-up which gets you up and running with minimal down time. Important for leisure riders and absolutely essential for agricultural and professional applications; Yamaha’s first class back-up is something which is ready and waiting.


Made by Yamaha for Yamaha

What you feed your family and your pets is important and the same goes for your ATV. The oils and lubricants that you use on your machine have a long term role to play in the performance and behaviour of your ATV not to mention the cost of future servicing and maintenance.

Yamalube is recognised throughout the world as top quality oil which is one good reason to use it, but the best reason to use Yamalube is that it is developed by Yamaha engineers for Yamaha engines.

Yamalube has a wide range of products so you can be sure to find the correct lubricant, oil or cleaning product whatever your requirement is. Cleaners, coolants, fluids, fuel stabilisers, polishes and parts cleaners are all available, not to mention a wide range of different oils to suit different engines and parts.

Yamaha recommend Yamalube for one reason – they are the best food for your Grizzly. So to keep your engine running like it should and to meet all of your warranty conditions we recommend the use of Yamalube oils and lubricants.


Information, demonstrators and standards

Across the UK there is an established network of trusted ATV dealers who can provide you with the best service and best information before, during and after your purchase. Look for the National Quad Centre sign at your local Yamaha dealer to give you confidence. It can be found throughout the UK and Northern Ireland and these dealers offer the highest standard of professional service to help you with your ATV purchasing process.

National Quad Centres must adhere to rigorous standards and often carry demonstrators so you can try before you buy. Their interactive website provides a wealth of information on different ATV’s so you can get an understanding of which ATV might be suitable even if you lack experience of the ATV industry.

Whether it is your first ATV or the latest in a long line of Yamaha ATV then you can find information and contact details at which will help you make the right choice and get off-road where you want to be.